Soup, Stew, and Chowder Recipes

Soup, stew, and chowder recipes – who can have enough?

Stews, chowders, bisques, chilies, bouillon, consommé, stock, broth, bisque, bouillabaisse, potage, gumbo, soup, and chili. They are all soup!

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~~ Combine a few ingredients and heat – and you have a quick soup.

~~ Slowly simmer chunks of meats and vegetables – and you have a hearty stew.

~~ A clear soup base – consommé, broth, or bouillon – with or without a bounty of vegetables, is a dieter’s delight.

~~ Cream based chowders – delicious.

~~ Gumbo made with rich roux – a Cajun tradition.

~~ Chili – cowboy favorites with beans or competition style without beans.

Whatever your choice, let the home-made goodness of soup satisfy your hunger.

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Your favorite soup recipes are too good to keep to yourself! What is your favorite soup, stew, chowder, or chili recipe? What makes it special? Why do you like it so? Tell us about your best soup.
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Chowder Recipes - Clam Chowders, Corn Chowders, and More
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