Poultry and Wildfowl Soup Recipes

Poultry and wildfowl soup recipes made with turkey, duck, goose, pheasant, and wild game birds. You can also make these soups with chicken.

White Bean Turkey Chili Tired of turkey sandwiches? Put that leftover Thanksgiving turkey to use in this flavorful White Bean Turkey Chili. White Great Northern beans keep it light.

Easy Turkey Soup This Easy Turkey Soup is a good one to make after Thanksgiving. It is a good way to use up that leftover T-day turkey so you don't waste it. You can be out shopping all day, taking advantage of all those sales, and come home and have hot home-made soup in almost no time.

Chicken Soup Recipes Take a look at the chicken soup recipes, too. You can often make them with other poultry and fowl.

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