Pork, Bacon, and Ham Soup Recipes

Pork, bacon, and ham soup recipes. From savory, chunky pork stews, to creamy chowders with a smokey flavor only bacon add, try these soup recipes using pork.

Savory Pork Stew Recipe Savory Pork Stew combines fresh herbs and vegetables with pork. They simmer into a flavorful stew that is excellent over egg noodles.

Ham Hocks and Bean Soup This is a really cheap way to make ham and bean soup. We are trying to save money in this economy and this soup makes a thrifty dinner. All you need to serve with it is bread.

Corn and Sausage Chowder Corn and Sausage Chowder is a hearty pick-me-up for a cold day. Red pepper flakes give it a bit of zip. The variation includes pimento cheese spread.

Ham and Lentil Souup Ham and Lentil Soup is an easy recipe to prepare. Let it slowly simmer and enjoy with crusty bread. Lentils are small, dried legumes that look similar to split peas. They add excellent protein.

Brocolli Bacon Chowder Broccoli Bacon Chowder is a creamy, cheesy soup. It has the goodness of fresh broccoli, celery, carrots, potatoes, and a hint of fresh dill. Bacon and cheese add richness to this recipe.

2 Minute Corn Chowder I call this 2 Minute Corn Chowder because it doesn't take very long to make. 2 minutes to put it together and 2 minutes to cook. Use that already cooked bacon or bacon bits. If somebody in your family doesn't like onion, leave out the onion salt.

Best Wonton Soup This is the best wonton soup! It's easy, too, because it uses frozen wontons. The fresh ginger really makes it good. I think the napa cabbage makes it more authentic, but I've used plain cabbage when I didn't have the napa and that was good, too.

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