Beefy Beef Noodle Soup

by swiftrunner

The Beefy Beef Noodle Soup has real, big chunks of beef stew meat in it. That's what makes it a favorite at our house. It isn't some wimpy noodle soup just flavored with beef.


* 1 pound cubed beef stew meat
* 1 cup chopped onion
* 1 cup chopped celery
* 1/4 cup beef bouillon granules
* 1 pinch ground black pepper
* 1 cup chopped carrots
* 6 cups water
* 2 1/2 cups frozen egg noodles


1. In a large saucepan over medium high heat, saute the stew meat, onion and celery for 5 minutes, or until meat is browned on all sides.

2. Stir in the water, beef bouillon, ground black pepper, and carrots. Bring to a rolling boil. Add the egg noodles. After it starts to boil again, reduce the heat to low and simmer for 30 minutes.

3. You can add celery, mushrooms, green beans, corn kernels, or whatever other vegetables you want to this. Or, even soup chopped up broccoli.

4. You don't need to add salt because the bouillon is already salty.

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